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AA-BOND F112 fiber optic epoxy adhesive. This two part, low viscosity epoxy has the distinct advantage of remaining below 3000 cps for a minimum of 40 minutes.
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AA-CAST 156 is an easy-to-use, low cost, versatile epoxy resin and hardener system developed for general purpose casting applications. It develops excellent adhesion to most metals, plastics, and ceramics, and is recommended for electrical and structural

AA-BOND F113 is an optically clear, high impact adhesive developed for bonding and small volume potting of plastic or glass optical fibers, lenses, and other optical components.
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AA-CARB 61 is an electrically conductive adhesive and coating formulation based on conductive carbon. The formula offers maximum continuity of conductivity with low electrical resistivity.
Based on 3 reviews.

AA-CARB 61LP is an electrically conductive epoxy adhesive and coating formulation that offers the maximum continuity of conductivity with low electrical resistivity.

AA-CARB 804 is a carbon filled, electrically conductive, screen printable, thermoplastic ink and coating.
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