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Low Outgassing

AA-DUCT 902 is a 2 part epoxy adhesive designed for electronic bonding and sealing applications that require a combination of good mechanical and electrical properties.
Based on 14 reviews.

AA-DUCT 902NS is a two part silver epoxy adhesive designed for electronic bonding and sealing applications. Passes NASA outgassing standards.

AA-DUCT 905 is a single component, silver epoxy adhesive designed for use in wide range of applications including EMI & RFI shielding, electronic modules, connections, circuitry and more.
Based on 9 reviews.

AA-DUCT 907 is a highly conductive easy mix silver epoxy adhesive with an easy to use one to one mix ratio.
Based on 5 reviews.

AA-DUCT 918 is the latest in high volume manufacturing. This conductive silver epoxy is formulated for versatility and is ideal for eletronic bondingand sealing applications.

AA-BOND 2116 is a thixotropic, low vapor pressure epoxy system recommended for critical electronic, aerospace, and industrial applications.
Based on 7 reviews.

AA-BOND 2156 is a thixotropic thermally conductive epoxy system used for staking heat sinks, transistors, diodes, circuits and other heat senstive components.
Based on 4 reviews.

AA-BOND F162 is a two part epoxy, recommended for fiber-optic, laser, photonic and electronic applications.
Based on 4 reviews.

AA-SUPERTHERM 195 is a ultra high thermally conductive adhesive, that develops strong, durable, high-impact bonds at room temperature.
Based on 1 reviews.

AA-DUCT 904 is a one part silver epoxy, designed for ease of handling. It's high performance conductive properties allow it to cure quickly at elevated temperatures.
Based on 2 reviews.

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