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The Best Conductive Epoxy Adhesives

So if you've found yourself here then you are more than likely looking for some type of conductive adhesive. Well you're in the right place because I'm going to give you an explanation of all things related to conductive epoxies. So let's get started. When you're selecting an electrically conductive epoxy you have different scales of conductivity. The conductivity of a given product comes usually from the filler. Without getting too into the chemical details of things the conductiveness of an epoxy adhesive comes from it's filler. Please see the table below for a visual aid:

Filler Gold Silver Nickel Carbon
Conductive Epoxy Adhesives Fillers
Cost High Moderate Moderate Low
Conductivity High-Moderate High Moderate Low
Typical Uses Wireless adapter antenna repair, inner electronical components, printed circuit boards Cold solder replacment, motherboard repair, repairing fault lines and hairline fractures in circuits, defroster strip repair Cold solder replacement, printed circuit board repair, EMI/RFI shielding, destaticing EMI/RFI shielding, static electricity nullification

Gold Filled Epoxy

Gold filled adhesive offers a good amount of electrical conductivity also it's very thermally conductive. Usually this adhesive is not chosen unless a very small amount is needed as gold epoxy can be very expensive due to the cost of gold. I've only seen this used on very small repairs usually in radio and on printed circuit boards.

Applying gold epoxy adhesive to printed circuit board

Silver Filled Epoxy

Silver adhesive is by far the most versatile and utilized conductive epoxy adhesive I've ever known. It's used for cold solder replacement and pretty much anything where high electrical conductivity is necessary and it offers VERY high conductivity. It's more conductive than gold. It's sufficient to use for defroster strip repair. Several mechanics have ordered silver filled adhesive for that very application. You can find various videos on the internet on how to do this. You can also find it on our website. If you check out the defroster strip repair guide.

Silver filled epoxy adhesive

Nickel Filled Epoxy

Nickel filled epoxy is used in the more cost sensitive applications as it's much cheaper than silver and offers comparable conductivity to silver filled adhesive. I've heard of people using nickel filled epoxy for windshield defroster strip repair but all this resulted in was people's windshields getting cracked. Nickel epoxy is typically used for RMI/EFI shielding and or some type of de-staticing application.

Testing electrical conductivity

Carbon Filled Epoxy

Carbon filled epoxy has a very low conductivity both for heat and electrical properties. I've only ever seen this product used for RMI/EFI shielding projects where large quantities was needed. For example using it to destatic a floor. I've seen it used in this circumstance before. Please DO NOT use for windshield defroster strip repair as this will most certainly destroy your windshield.

Carbon filled epoxy adhesive

So that's a pretty comprehensive explanation of conductive adhesives. Don't forget to share this article if it helped you. Thanks.

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