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What is Carbon epoxy?

Carbon epoxy is a special adhesive binding agent that is required for any vehicle that uses carbon fiber equipment or bodywork that is constructed out of carbon fiber. In order to bond this body equipment to a car or to attach extra body equipment mods to a vehicle carbon epoxy needs to be used.

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This high-strength epoxy equipment is perfect for many different applications and is generally used in performance equipment. Carbon fiber is used in many vehicles to establish strength with extreme lightness. Some of the most heavily engineered vehicles in the world such as F1 cars, high-end supercars and sports cars all use carbon fiber elements in their construction to lighten and strengthen body shapes for increased performance.

We can also find carbon fiber in other items such as computers, tent poles, fishing rods, crash helmets, golf clubs and more. Carbon fiber components are definitely becoming much more readily available in a lot of the consumer goods that we use today but carbon fiber's greatest use is that it is extremely light and also very strong.

Carbon Epoxy For Auto Manufacturers

For auto manufacturers this is a giant bonus because body kits and vehicle components can all be designed using ultra-lightweight construction but with a strength that can still hold up. By binding together elements of carbon fiber with carbon epoxy it's possible to build complex structures for vehicles without having to resort to using heavy materials such as steel or lighter materials like aluminum which don't carry the same value of strength.

While carbon fiber does have much more strength when it is crafted into one piece like you might find on a chassis of a high-end racecar, binding components of carbon fiber with carbon epoxy can still give it a spectacular amount of strength.

Usually carbon epoxy is made of some type of thermoplastic polymer, occasionally vinyl ester or nylon and this product is designed to make it easy to bond together high-strength products like carbon fiber.

Because many performance parts such as spoilers and hoods which are made out of carbon fiber, are required to stand up to extremely rigorous GeForce and abuse on a vehicle having a high-strength carbon epoxy that you can trust will ensure that all of your vehicle modifications stay in place and provide you with the performance benefits that they were designed to. Using an improper epoxy and

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