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Easy Dispensing

AA-DUCT 907 is a highly conductive easy mix silver epoxy adhesive with an easy to use one to one mix ratio.
Based on 5 reviews.

AA-DUCT 918 is the latest in high volume manufacturing. This conductive silver epoxy is formulated for versatility and is ideal for eletronic bondingand sealing applications.

AA-BOND 16LP is a two part epoxy adhesive designed for a high voltage application and capillary action

AA-BOND 201 is a two part epoxy adhesive designed for a wide range of applications and where fast curing is required. Bonds to metals, plastics, concrete, sheetrock, marbel, stone, glass and many many other materials!
Based on 10 reviews.

AA-BOND 2170 is a flexible thixotropic bonding adhesive designed for bonding all types of plastics including nylon, PVC, polyethylene, polyamide adhesive
Based on 4 reviews.

AA-BOND 28 is a two part, heat resistant epoxy adhesive with superior chemical resistance and shear strength.
Based on 7 reviews.

an optically clear adhesive developed for bonding and small volume potting of plastic or glass optical fibers, lenses and prisms, LED displays and other optical components.

AA-BOND FDA2 is a medical grade epoxy resin system specifically developed for medical device applications.
Based on 5 reviews.

AA-BOND FDA8 is a FDA grade adhesive developed for bonding and coating applications in accordance with FDA regulations.
Based on 2 reviews.

AA-DUCT 917 is a flexible silver epoxy adhesive recommended for electronic bonding, coating, and sealing applications that require flexibility.

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