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AA-BOND 201 General Purpose, Fast Cure, Two Part Epoxy Adhesive, Quick Drying

AA-BOND 201 General Purpose, Fast Cure, Two Part Epoxy Adhesive, Quick Drying
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Technical Product Bulletin



AA-BOND 201 is an exceptional epoxy formulation recommended for lower temperature or wet industrial bonding applications where FAST CURING is required.

AA-BOND 201 is versatile two-part epoxy system contains no solvents, mixes easily at room temperature, and is suitable for high performance structural bonding applications where the combination of very fast room temperature curing coupled with low shrinkage and excellent mechanical and electrical properties is needed.

AA-BOND 201 develops strong, tough bonds to metals, plastics, concrete, sheetrock, marbel, stone, rock,tile, plaster, cement,glass and glass fabrics, hardboards and forestry products, ceramics, rubber, masonry materials, and other construction materials.

AA-BOND 201 is an excellent electrical insulator, and provides superior resistance to vapors and gases, water, galvanic action, petroleum fuels, salt solutions, and many other organic and inorganic compounds.

AA-BOND 201 develops significant properties 1 hour after mixing. However, an extended cure of 4-6 hours at 25°C is required for fully matured bonds.

Note:AA-BOND 201 develops a high exotherm. Use immediately after mixing. The exothermic reaction begins within 2 minutes after initiating the mixing step, so have everything ready beforemixing.


Appearance Slight haze/ slight straw
Cure Type Room temperature or Heat cure
Benefits Resistant to many organic/inorganics
Strong bond strength
Great electrical insulator
Mix Ratio by weight 100:100 / Resin:Hardener
Substrates metals, plastics, concrete, sheetrock,tile, marble, stone, rock,plaster,cement,glass fabrics, wood, leather and rigid plastics
Operating Temperature -60 to 110 °C
Typical Application(s) Anything requiring the unique properties this adhesive offers
Pot Life 5 minutes


Viscosity @ 25 °C, mPa∙s (cP) Thixotropic
Solids Content 100%
Specific Gravity, mixed 1.2 g/cc


30 minutes @ 65°C
2 hours @ 25°C


Volume Resistivity 5.00e+11 ohm-cm
Dielectric Constant 4.8
Dielectric Strength 410kV/in
CTE, linear 33.3 μin/in-°F@ RT
Hardness, Shore D 70
Glass Transition Temp, Tg 25.0 °C, 77.0 °F


For safe handling information on this product, consult the Material Safety Data Sheet, (MSDS).


1) Carefully clean and dry all surfaces to be bonded.

2) Apply AA-BOND 201 completely mixed adhesive to theprepared surfaces, and gently press these surfaces together. Contact pressure is adequate for strong, reliable bonds; however, maintain contact until adhesive is completely cured.

3) Some separation of components is common during shipping and storage. For this reason, it is recommended that the contents of the shipping container be thoroughly mixed prior to use.

4) Some ingredients in this formulation provided maycrystallize when subjected to low temperature storage. Agentle warming cycle of 52°C for 30 minutes prior to mixingcomponents may be necessary. Crystallized epoxycomponents do not react as well as liquid components andshould be re-dissolved prior to use for best results.


This epoxy can be supplied in various different packages.

Data Sheets: TDS | MSDS available upon request.

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